May 3, 2013

Career Oil and Gas Senior Drilling Engineer Harvest Budong-Budong

Harvest Budong-Budong company in the joint venture Harvest and SKKMIGAS , Currently we are looking for a professional to build a career with us. Applicants are invited for the following position:

Qualification & Experience:

  • With the support of the Drilling Specialist, the senior engineer will work with other professionals, such as geologists and geoscientists, to monitor drilling progress, oversee safety management and ensure the protection of the environment of the overall site.
  • The Harvest Budong-Budong (HBB) Senior Drilling Engineer develops plans, budget and schedules and supervises the operations necessary in the process of drilling oil and gas wells and is involved from initial well design to testing, completion and abandonment. The individual is nominally based in Jakarta. However, during the location preparation, rig mob and demob and during drilling operations he/she will be required to fulfill an active role in on site activities.
  • The role requires a professional individual who is fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and English and who can be pro-actively involved with administering drilling and service contracts, engineering design, the planning of wells and supervising the drilling crew on site, work with SKKMigas for reporting and presentations,
  • Reports to the General Manager;
  • Prepare well data sheets and final well reports
  • Design and select well-head equipment;
  • Develop drilling programs;
  • Obtain and review relevant Regulatory information, bulletins and data to ensure HNR Management is current to all Oil and Gas Regulations for Republic of Indonesia.
  • Carry out full engineering analyses of rig site data and preparing regular well reports;
  • Monitor the daily progress of well operations and current daily costs, comparing actual costs with cost expenditure proposals and recommending changes or improvements to rig work techniques, which could lead to optimization of expenditure;
  • Liaise with specialist contractors and suppliers, such as cement companies or suppliers of drilling fluids;
  • Work with draftsman to compile a complete set of location drawings presenting rig lay-out, pollution control drainage and catchments, testing layout, waste management equipment layout and all other relevant drawings for drilling location and access;
  • Monitor safety and ensuring the good maintenance of the well;
  • Ensure the work adheres to environmental protection standards, in some cases through direct discussion with local governments to ensure compliance with legislative requirements;
  • Establish and administer drilling and service contracts;
  • Co-ordinate and supervise the work delivery of the drilling team;
  • Undertake engineering design and the planning of wells (including development work);
  • Design directional well paths (horizontally or multi-laterally, as appropriate);
  • Contribute to conceptual field development design;
  • Work with multidisciplinary professionals to monitor progress during drilling, develop well completion and testing programs and evaluate the commercial viability of the well;
  • Return the drilling site to its natural environmental setting at completion of the work;

If you think that you are really the right person to fill this challenging position, please send your application, CV and recent photograph to:  , put code "Senior Drilling Engineer” as the email subject. Career Oil and Gas Senior Drilling Engineer Harvest Budong-Budong deadline 17 May 2013.

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